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Fee Schedule - Assessor

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Assessor Plat Maps$4.00
Plat Map Subscription (Annual)$225.00
Plat Map Updates for Subscribers$2.00
Plat Map, per page, full book$3.00
Archived Assessor's Maps, per page
Microfiche Copies$4.00
Copies of Map Index, per page$4.00
Comparable Sales List, Viewing$10.00
Brooktrails Block/Lot Index$35.00
Aerial Photo Deposit$190.00
Aerial Photo Index, Each$5.00
Aerial Photo Rental, Each, (First 2 weeks)$5.00
Aerial Photo Rental, Late Fee, each work day/per photo$2.00
Aerial Photo Copies, 2005-06 Fly Over only

8 1/2 x 11
11 x 17
County Maps, each$5.00
Fax Charges, first page$1.50
Fax Charges, each additional page$1.00
Postage and Handling30%
Screen Print$7.00
Property Characteristics, per parcel (Non-Owner)$10.00
Xerox Copies, per page$0.25
Research Time, Per Hour, with minimum of $22.00$45.00
Certification of a Record$15.00
Filming of Complete Map Set, per map$2.00
Boundary Line Adjustment, Certificate of Compliance and
Subdivisions up to four parcels$165.00
For each additional parcel$50.00
Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate$25.00
Estimate of Lien, parcel divisions$18.00
Grand-Parent to Grand-Child Exemption Processing Fee$175.00
Data Processing Services (Actual Cost to Department)

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