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Weights and Measures Division

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Our mission is to oversee measures and standards to facilitate fair trade.  To maintain an equitable business environment where businesses may expect a level playing field and fair competition and where customers may expect price, measure, and quality are known values in the marketplace. 

Programs we oversee:

Verifying pricing accuracy
Weighing and measuring packaged goods for accuracy
Watching over weighmaster activities
Sampling and testing fuels for quality
Checking signage and advertising
Inspecting and sealing weighing and measuring devices used in business.  These include:
  • Retail fuel pumps
  • Grocery Scales
  • Propane dispensers
  • Bulk fuel delivery trucks
  • Utility meters operated by parks and marinas
  • Taxi meters
  • Large scales and loaders operated by wineries, fisheries, soil and aggregate suppliers
  • Timing devices (as found in laundries and car washes)
  • Water dispensers

Scale Suppliers and Service Companies:

Hobart Weighing Equipment:  905 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa  800-624-1828
Quality Scales Unlimited: 1043 A Serpentine Lane, Pleasanton  800-722-5301
Bartolomei Scale  1275 4th St., Santa Rosa  707-575-3273

**This is not an all inclusive list, and is not intended to be a recommendation of any particular business.  If you are aware of a company that is not listed here, please let us know.**


    CDFA Division of Measurement Standards (DMS)
    See if your scale is type-approved

     Device Registration - Ordinance # 4228, 9-1-2009


Weighmaster Application

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