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Nursery Inspection

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The Nursery Inspection Program works to prevent the spread of plant pests through infested nursery stock. The Agricultural Commissioner's staff inspects wholesale and production nurseries at least annually, and retail nurseries as needed to assure that injurious pests are controlled or eradicated. Certificates and compliance agreements may be issued to facilitate movement of stock to other states or countries.

Nursery licenses are issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture with local assistance from the County Agricultural Commissioner. There is also a fee-exempt license available for those selling less than $1000 of nursery stock per year. All sales under the fee-exempt license must be within Mendocino County, and of your own production. Other conditions may apply, please contact the County Department of Agriculture for more information.  Click here to see the flyer from CDFA with information regarding licensing requirements for sale of plant materials.



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