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alternative fuel vehicles

There are numerous alternative fuel and low emission vehicles available today. The best way to reduce emissions is free and simple - don't drive as much. 

The District does not recommend importation of non-California certified vehicles (i.e. Volkswagen TDIs) and the use of Bio-Diesel. The emissions from these vehicles are higher than equivalent gasoline powered vehicles.


The alternative fuels data center has complete vehicle information on all makes and models.

The State of California has a Clean Vehicles Guide with additional information.



The District's CNG Pickup and a Mendocino County CNG Passenger Van

Refueling from a 'Fuelmaker'

Picture of truck and Van using fuelmaker

CNG is delivered to the vehicle using a small compressor called a Fuelmaker. The compressor 'slow fills' the vehicle which takes about 8 hours. 'Fast fill' systems are available, however they are much more expensive.


Second view of refueling with fuelmaker


A note about owner conversions

Although once popular, owner conversions to alternative fuels are rare today because of U.S. EPA regulations about tampering with the emissions systems on newer vehicles. Make sure any conversion kit is EPA and State Air Resources Board certified for the vehicle you plan to using it on.  

Last Update 11/03/2009