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Emission Reduction Credits (ERC's)

Mendocino County is an Attainment Area for all Federal Standards and Emissions Reduction Credits are NOT  required for new large sources.


Permitting Program


Air quality permits, like building permits and other business permits, are a part of doing business. The District grants two permits for non-vehicular sources of air contaminants. The Authority to Construct is issued before construction begins. The Permit to Operate allows continued operation after construction and a demonstration of compliance.

When Do I Need An Air Quality Permit?

State and federal law require permits for any operation or equipment that has the potential to emit, reduce, control, or eliminate the emissions of air contaminants. Permits are required:

  • Before construction begins for a new operation;

  • Before any modification to permitted equipment; or

  • Before equipment is moved or relocated.

An Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate may be required for:

  • All new or modified industrial plants, equipment, processes or operations

  • Commercial uses, such as dry cleaners, gasoline stations, auto body shops.

  • Major indirect sources of air pollution (large commercial or residential developments)

  • Large non-agricultural grading operations.

  • Activities which release air toxics into the atmosphere

Why Do I Need An Air Quality Permit?

The District issues permits to ensure that all equipment and processes comply with federal, state, and District rules. Before any activity which may release air pollutants occurs, the operator must obtain a permit from the District (California Health and Safety Code, Section 42300 et seq.)

Issuing permits allows the District to work with businesses to ensure that their operations comply with applicable state, federal and District rules and allows the district to identify possible problems before they impact the public and/or the operation of a business.


Contact the District for permit application materials. These include an application form and instructions.

  • Applicants must then submit:

  • A completed permit application and an application fee;

  • A detailed description of equipment; and

  • Detailed information on the operation process and the materials used.


The District charges permit fees to cover the costs of reviewing applications, issuing permits and ensuring compliance. Different fees apply to different types of permits and equipment. These fees are described below:

Application Fee: This fee is based on the number, types, and sizes or capacities of proposed equipment. It covers the cost of technical review of the application, the post-construction inspection and issuance of a Permit to Operate. For complex projects the fees may be increased to cover the additional time necessary to evaluate the application, issue the permit, and the cost of outside contractors. The District sends out a bill for each application upon completion of the initial review.

Annual Permit Fee: This fee is based on the type of equipment, complexity and size of the facility’s operation. For most businesses, permits are reviewed every year, and modified as necessary. A facility’s annual permit fee is determined from adopted fee schedules. This fee covers the permit review and compliance inspections.

Permit holders who don’t submit requested information or pay the annual renewal fee will have their Permits to Operate revoked. Operating without a permit is a violation of District rules and state law, and involves serious penalties.


Contact the District for the current fee schedule


Please contact the District by email or phone (707) 463-4354 with any questions.



   Last Update 06/21/2011