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Regulation 4.1

 Wood Burning Appliances

Regulation 4.1

Woodstove Checklist Cover letter

Woodstove checklist


Mendocino County Woodstove Requirements

Only EPA certified devices, or pellet stoves, can be installed in single or two family dwellings in areas that are not part of a major subdivision created after 5/5/07.

Pellet fueled devices are not subject to EPA’s certification program and therefore are not required to have tags or labels (they may have an “EPA exempt” tag).

The District allows the installation of used devices, provided they are either pellet devices or are EPA certified.

Multifamily (3 or more attached units), Commercial or Public buildings cannot install new woodburning devices except to replace an existing device.  

All new devices are required to have a temporary “time of sale tag” and a permanent metal label.

If both tags are missing the device is not EPA certified and therefore cannot be installed under District Regulation 4.1.

Non-EPA certified devices may be allowed - if the device is approved by another California Air Pollution Control Agency (such as Northern Sonoma County APCD).

Outdoor wood boilers are not allowed under District Regulation 4.1, unless they are approved by another California Air Pollution Control Agency.

Waste oil burners must receive written approval from DTSC (see here)

Available Documents

Health Effects of Woodburning 

District Woodstove Rule Implementation Guidance (for Planning Agencies)

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Last Update 11/27/2009