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Addressing the Board

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The public has the opportunity to speak on all items listed on the agenda prior to the Board taking final action. Once the Chair has opened the item for discussion, citizens wishing to speak should approach the front podium, state their name, and direct questions or comments to the Chair.

Any written material to be distributed should be given to Clerk of the Board staff.

Every agenda includes Public Expression for matters not on the agenda. This item is limited to matters under the jurisdiction of the Board which are not on the posted agenda and items which have not already been considered by the Board. Testimony will be limited to three (3) minutes per person and not more than ten (10) minutes on a particular subject at the discretion of the Chair. No action will be taken on those items discussed as part of Public Expression.

Applause or other displays of approval or disapproval are inappropriate during Board proceedings and are strongly discouraged.

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