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 County Government

The County of Mendocino is a general law County. The Board of Supervisors, which serves as the legislative and executive body of County government and many special districts, is comprised of five, full-time members elected by their respective districts. Pursuant to the California Government Code, the Board enacts legislation governing Mendocino County and determines overall policies for County departments and various special districts, adopts the annual budget, and fixes salaries.

The Board also hears appeals from decisions of the Planning Commission, considers General Plan amendments, and sits as the Board of Equalization to provide tax payers with a system for appealing the valuation placed on their property by the Assessor.

The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board and serves as the chief executive office responsible for day-to-day administration of County affairs.

County Counsel, appointed by the Board, advises and represents the County and Board in all legal affairs.

The Clerk of the Board, also appointed by the Board, is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Board, attending all sessions of the Board, and managing Board business.

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