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The Department of Transportation is responsible for the operation of two airports in the County—the Round Valley Airport and the Little River Airport. The administration of these airports is a function of the Land Improvement Division of the Department. The Round Valley Airport is an unmanned airport with a paved runway, runway lights and a tie down area that serves a remote area of the County. The Little River Airport, which serves the central Mendocino coast, provides more thorough services including a paved runway, runway lights, a paved taxiway, and tie down area, both private and County-owned hangars and fueling facilities. To better serve the public, the Little River Airport also has an on-site Airport Supervisor.

For Little River Airport weather go to http://www.superawos.com or call (617) 262-3825.

For Fuel Prices for both airports go to http://www.airnav.com.   3825

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