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The Engineering Division provides professional services which help ensure that the Department of Transportation activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and procedures.  The Division has the responsibility for quality assurance on improvements to the County Road infrastructure, such as storm damage repair, bridge replacement, and seismic retrofitting.  Design and project management functions are completed by Division personnel.  Engineering services by private consultants are coordinated and managed by the Division.

Construction of improvements to the County’s system is managed by the Division to assure compliance with established requirements (as depicted by construction plans and specifications).  Comprehensive records are maintained by the Division to verify compliance with relevant statutory requirements and regulations.  The Division is responsible for coordination with various Local, State and Federal agencies in obtaining necessary regulatory and environmental permits.  Right-of-way and construction easements are secured by Engineering Division representatives.

Traffic studies, speed zone surveys and road safety evaluations are performed by the Division.  The Division provides assistance to other Departments within the County as well as responding to requests for assistance from other government agencies, private business firms and County residents.

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