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2008-2009 Grand Jury Reports

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When the Grand Jury reports on an entity, the governing body of that entity is required to respond to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court within 60 days for elected officials and 90 days for all others. Responses are listed immediately following their respective reports.

NOTE: These reports are in PDF format, which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF viewer.

PC 933.05 Summary of Law describing how Grand Jury reports are to be responded to.

2008-2009 Grand Jury Reports

  1. NOBODY (IS) WAS LISTENING: The Redwood Coast Senior Center
    1. YOUR TICKET TO RIDE! A Grand Jury Report on Mendocino Transit Authority
    2. EXCELLENCE PERSONIFIED: Ukiah Police Chief and His Finest Are to be Commended
    3. BIG CHANGES NEEDED or GET A WHIFF OF THIS: A Report on the Mendocino County Sheriff's Evidence Facility
    4. NEAT, CLEAN AND ORGANIZED: A Report on the Fort Bragg Police Department
    5. FORT BRAGG SUBSTATION AND HOLDING CELLS: A Report on the Mendocino County Sheriff's Fort Bragg Substation
    6. BULGING AT THE SEAMS: A Report on the Mendocino County Jail
    7. MIDDLING THROUGH: A Report on Four Mendocino County Middle Schools
    8. Abdication of Leadership and Disciplinary Breakdowns in Leggett Valley Unified School District
      • Responses
    9. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW: A Report on the New Mendocino County Microwave System
    10. Another Look at the Health and Human Services Agency
    11. TIME FOR CHANGE: A Report on the Relationship Between the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District and the City of Ukiah Sewer System

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