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Central Services Division - Printing/Copy Center

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The Printing/Reprographic & Copy Center provides a wide variety of desired "core" printing and copying services to County Departments. The GSA Print Shop/Copy Center is a one stop location for departments to request all reprographic services, whether they are produced in-house or by outside contractors. They produce a high quality product that departments are proud to use and distribute to their clients and staff. It's services are competitive in price, and are delivered in a timely, professional and courteous manner.

Print Shop/Copy Center staff utilize high-speed duplicating, offset press and darkroom equipment to produce a wide variety of custom print jobs, including multi-part forms, letterhead stationery, envelopes, pamphlets, and soft-cover books, such as the Proposed and Final Budgets.

Certain printing jobs because of the size and/or complexity or certain specialty types jobs, are more cost-effectively produced by private vendors.  For those jobs, the Print Shop/Copy Center will assist departments in identifying the appropriate vendor and obtaining the most advantageous combination of quality, delivery and price.  Please refer to the County's Purchasing Policy, Section 2.4.4 (County Policy Policy No. 1) for more information regarding County printing services.

Contact Information:
Executive Office - Printing
841 Low Gap Road, Ukiah CA
(707) 234-6050; (707) 463-4673-fax

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