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Facilities & Fleet Division - Fleet Maintenance

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The General Services Agency, Facilities and Fleet Division fleet management and maintenance program meets the transportation needs of County departments by providing vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair services, administering fuel operations, acquiring and preparing new vehicles and equipment, and operating a County motor pool.

About Fleet Management
The Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division, upon request, provides vehicles to all County agencies and departments on a reimbursable basis. The Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division charges departments according to a rate schedule that is based upon miles driven, fuel use, and maintenance costs. The Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division consists of maintenance facilities, including fueling stations, and a body shop, all of which are operated by the County Garage.

Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division also provides contract services to other County agencies, and outside governmental agencies.

Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division also provides vehicle acquisition and disposal, preventative maintenance, repairs, parts and fuel inventories and overall management of 288 vehicles for 17 County departments.

The following services are provided by the Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division, fleet management operation:

  • Acquisition of vehicles for County departments
  • Maintenance and repair of County vehicles
  • Bulk fueling services
  • Pool vehicle reservations

Contact Information:
Facilities and Fleet/Garage Division
841 Low Gap Road, Ukiah CA 95482
(707) 234-6063; (707) 463-4673-fax

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