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Risk Management Mission Statement

The Risk Management Division of the General Services Agency shall identify and measure all risks (uncertainty of loss) of the County of Mendocino by developing and implementing appropriate techniques for assessing
and resolving these exposures via risk assumption, risk reduction, risk retention, risk transfer or the purchase of insurance.

General Liability

The County of Mendocino is self-insured for liability insurance. Included in this Budget Unit are insurance requirements for all liability, property (including fire, flood and selected buildings for earthquake), medical malpractice, and crime and bond. The County has purchased stop-loss coverage for general liability from CSAC- Excess Insurance Authority (EIA) since 1979 at $150,000 per claim.
The County is self administered for general liability programs. Both Risk Management and County Counsel participate in all aspects of analysis, review, tracking and payments under this program. Current Board policy allows County Counsel and Risk Management to settle claims under $5,000. Above that amount staff must seek Board approval and above $10,000 the County must also seek
CSAC-EIA's guidance and approval.
The County Safety Officer is responsible for all inspections of County buildings, safety trainings, and recommending changes in the County's Safety Manual.
Risk Management also staffs the Safety Council as required by our Injury and Illness Prevention Program. This Group meets quarterly and reviews accident reports and recommends changes to our safety program to the Board of Supervisors.

Goals and Objectives

  • Continue to inspect all County facilities for safety compliance.
  • Create and maintain a website for Risk Management.
  • Continue to be an active member of the Board of Directors of the County's excess insurance authority to protect the interests of the County.
  • Work with all departments on required training programs and provide resources for training sessions.
  • Develop an Annual Risk Management Report for the Board of Supervisors and Departments.
  • Continue to aggressively pursue settlement and/or dismissal of all claims.
  • Continue to work with Buildings and Grounds to make sure all County facilities are insured and properly valued.
  • Examine all County insurance programs cost effectiveness and exposure control.
  • Work with our excess carrier to provide the necessary coverage for all facilities to meet the proposed FEMA insurance requirements.
  • Continue to pursue accurate and timely settlement of all claims.

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