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Safety Council

The County Safety Council is responsible for assuring the County complies with Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances pertaining to safety. The Council shall meet quarterly and all departments are encouraged to have representatives participate in the meetings. Members of the Safety Council are as follows:

The Safety Council is made up of the following members, or their appointees:

  • Risk Manager
  • Facilities & Fleet Manager
  • Safety Officer
  • Union Representatives
  • Sheriff Coroner
  • HHSA Director
  • Director of Department of Transportation
  • Director of Human Resources

The Safety Council is now responsible for the following:

  • Hold regular meetings bi-annually, and as needed, if determined necessary by the majority of the appointed members.
  • Review a summary of all Incident/Accident reports received by Risk Management and Human Resources and to make recommendations where appropriate.
  • To promote safety and enhance the effectiveness of safety awareness, training, accident prevention and emergency preparedness.
  • To report to the Board of Supervisors, through the Risk Management Division, county wide safety policies, programs and priorities on county wide safety. In addition reporting to the Risk Management Division on the effectiveness of the departmental safety programs.
  • To review and/or recommend disciplinary action when warranted for safety violations (in accordance with Memorandums of Understandings).
  • To prescribe the reports and procedures necessary to carry out the duties of the Council.

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