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Adolescent Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

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If you are in crisis and need help right away, call the 24-hour line: 1-800-555-5906

Si esta una crisis y necesita ayuda imediamente linea gratis 24/7: 1-800-555-5906
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Have a Question?
Contact the Access Center: 1-800-555-5906

  • Contact Mental Health Administration:
    (707) 472-2355
Adolescent Alcohol & Drug Programs
Adolescent Resiliency In Action (ARIA), New Beginnings Campus, Group and/or individual drug and alcohol treatment provided at the following schools in 2012: River School, Pomolita, Ukiah High School and Ukiah High School Young Parent Program, Juvenile Hall, South Valley and Eagle Peak.
Mental Health Child and Family Services
Ukiah, Willits and Fort Bragg each have clinicians available to provide assessments for children who have serious emotional disturbance or mental illness. Parents who need services because they have serious concerns about their child’s Mental Health should call 1-800-555-5906. Behavioral Health provides a range of services including: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Rehabilitation services, Family Strengths (Wrap-around services), Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) and Case Management.
Crisis Services
If a child or adolescent is a danger to self or others because of a mental illness they can be assessed at Psychiatric Emergency Services (Crisis Center) call 1-800-555-5906.
MCOE/Orr Creek Counseling Enriched Classroom
This program serves students from grades 1-3 and referrals are made through the child’s IEP team. The program serves students with emotional challenges and provides intensive counseling and social skill development. The program is provided by Mendocino County Office of Education in collaboration with Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.
New Beginnings Campus
Formerly PACE and Clean and Sober classrooms. In addition to meeting educational standards, the campus offers individualized programs for each student. These include individual counseling, group therapy, and alcohol and other drug treatment. The program is a collaboration between the Probation Department , Mendocino County Office of Education and the Health and Human Services Agency.
Adolescent Intervention and Treatment Programs. Group and/or individual drug and alcohol treatment provided at the following schools in 2012: River School, Pomolita, Ukiah High School and Ukiah High School Young Parent Program, Juvenile Hall, South Valley and Eagle Peak.
Family Wraparound (Wraparound and Pathways to Mental Health {Katie A})
Family Wraparound is the Mendocino County program to deliver both Wraparound to support family preservation and Intensive Care Coordination as defined by the State of California serving youth in the Child Welfare system who may need mental health services. Wraparound is a family centered, strengths based, needs driven planning process that facilitates access to normalized and inclusive community activities and opportunities that support the family in being able to keep the child or youth in the community.
Pathways to Mental Health (Katie A) promotes a set of similar values, principles, and practices that is meant to be shared by all who seek to support children/youth and families involved in the child welfare system, including, but not limited to education, probation, substance use disorders treatment and other health and human services agencies or legal systems with which the child/youth is involved.
Parent Partners
Parent Partners are Children’s System of Care staff that partner up with families who are in need of support. They are parents who have walked the walk previously and continue to walk along side families through their journey. Areas of expertise are: linking families to natural resources, bridging families with agencies so that a common goal is achieved, supporting families through the IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) process, or just being a listening ear. Referrals can be made through schools, mental health, child protective services, and probation.
Patient's Rights Advocate
Protects the legal, civil and human rights of clients in the mental health system by supporting clients in communicating their spoken or perceived needs within the community, mental health system and legal arena.
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
TBS is a mental health service that is available to children and youth with serious emotional problems. The TBS staff person can work one on one with the youth to reduce severe behavioral problems that may lead to an out of home placement. TBS is also provided to children and adolescents living in group homes and supports them to reduce problem behaviors and reunify with their families.

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