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Lost and Found

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Lost & Found

Many lost animals are soon found and sheltered by someone - Mendocino County Animal Care, your local Humane Society or an animal loving person. Traffic fatalities or wild animals unfortunately claim some animals.

What you Can Do

If you have lost your pet, the best thing to do is come to Animal Care Services (707) 463-4427 at 298 Plant Road, Ukiah, look for your pet, and file a Lost Pet Report. The shelter has great pamphlets with useful information to help you find your pet.

  • Contact other shelters:
    • Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County - (707) 485-0123
    • Mendocino Coast Humane Society - (707) 964-7729
    • Redwood Coast Humane - (707) 884-1304
  • Contact local rescue groups:
    • BONES - (707) 367-1543
    • MILO Foundation - (707) 459-4900
  • Post flyers in area where pet was lost / talk to people living in the area
  • Contact newspapers & radio
  • Search for lost pets online at www.petharbor.com Remember: This is not a substitute for coming to the shelter and looking for your pet yourself.
  • Never give up! Some lost pets are found months, and even years after they "lose their way".
  • Microchipping your pet is the first line of defense if your dog or cat should "lose their way". Animal Care Services offers low cost microchipping services any day that the shelter is open.

Good Luck. Please call (707) 463-4427 if you have any questions

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