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Retail Food Facility Inspections

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Retail food facilities such as restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, bars, and bed and breakfast inns receive routine food safety inspections. Inspections cover a number of requirements including food storage, food handling, food temperature controls, personal hygiene, sanitation, and building maintenance. The inspection information provided reflects the most recent inspection.

Violations observed at a food facility are either critical or noncritical. Each critical violation is identified on the report as a major critical or minor critical. The violations represent conditions found at the time of inspection; the facility's operator may have corrected the violations and present conditions may be different.

This web site provides a generic description for each critical violation observed at a facility with the corresponding status major or minor. Noncritical violations are not listed individually and are reported as the total number found.

Specific information that further describes the critical and noncritical violations observed can be found on the actual inspection report. The food facility operator must have a copy of the most recent inspection report available for review upon request at the facility.

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