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Medical Marijuana

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The Medical Marijuana Program was established to provide a voluntary medical marijuana identification card issuance and registry program for qualified patients and their caregivers. In 2003, Senate Bill (SB) 420 (Chapter 875, Statutes of 2003) was passed as an extension and clarification of Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Upon obtaining a recommendation from their physician for use of medicinal marijuana, patients and their primary caregivers may apply for and be issued, a Medical Marijuana Identification Card.  Senate Bill 420 also required that the program be fully supported through the card application processing fees.  The county has authority to cover its costs for the program through these application fees.

For Mendocino County Medical Marijuana Guidelines:

For information about physicians and medical marijuana advocacy please look on the State site under "Patient Advocacy Groups and Information": cdph.ca.gov/programs/mmp

You may research your physician to ensure they are licensed: medbd.ca.gov/lookup.html

More Info: California Department of Public Health Medical Marijuana Program

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