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 Prevention and Planning Unit (PAPU)

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Harvest of the Month is an initiative of the California Department of Public Health that features nutrition education tools and resources to support healthy lifestyle habits like eating fruits and vegetables every day. Each month a few seasonal fruits and vegetables are featured, with tools like newsletters, recipes, menu slicks, training materials and kid-friendly posters and other promotional items to support educators to help kids eat more healthy diets.



Healthy Mendocino

Connecting people and information for better health: www.healthymendocino.org


The Prevention and Planning Unit promotes community wellness and health equity by preventing problems before they occur, and partnering in innovative ways with communities, and other stakeholders, to create healthful places to live, learn, work, and play.

The Prevention and Planning Unit uses local data and evidence-based best practices to address individual, social and environmental factors that underlie and contribute to chronic disease in Mendocino County. Our goal is to address factors that impact whole populations in order to reach large numbers of people before the onset of chronic conditions or to lessen the severity of these conditions. Along with "population-based" prevention, we also address specific risk factors including, tobacco use, addictive behaviors, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and arthritis.

When most people consider chronic disease, they think about heart disease, cancer, etc., We recognize that alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse is also a chronic illness affecting many individuals, families and communities in our county. We, therefore, also place an emphasis on preventing and reducing substance abuse.

AOD prevention, with young people, emphasizes assets such as self-esteem, positive relationships and a sense of purpose. We also work to change environments and community practices so that they discourage substance use/abuse and encourage healthy choices. In addition to an array of programs and services, prevention strategies often include advocating (along with community partners) for organizational, community or county policies that promote the publicís health. The Prevention And Planning Unit collaborates with other Health and Human Services Agency and school/community programs to extend and enhance services and policy initiatives.

Research Brief on The Retail Food Landscape in Mendocino County

Unhealthy diets are associated with overweight, obesity, and a host of chronic diseases. Research suggests that people living in neighborhoods with more fast food restaurants and convenience stores, and fewer grocery stores or produce vendors have higher rates of obesity and diabetes. Community Health Services found that there are two fast food restaurants or convenience stores for every one grocery store or produce vendor in the county as a whole while Fort Bragg has 2.1, Ukiah has 4.3 and Willits has 5.2. Not everyone has equal access to sources of healthier foods. Many communities across the nation are making changes to improve access to healthy foods, so that the healthy choice becomes easier to make. (View the complete research brief†)

The Spectrum of Prevention

  • Influencing Policy & Legislation
  • Changing Organizational Practices
  • Fostering Coalitions & Networks
  • Educating Providers
  • Promoting Community Education
  • Strengthening Individual Knowledge & Skills

- "The Spectrum of Prevention" created by Larry Cohen

Many health departments use The Spectrum of Prevention to assure that comprehensive programs address Prevention at every level.
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Location and Contact Information

1120 South Dora Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 472-2611

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