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Mental Health Services Act


24/7 Toll Free Crisis Line:


Mendocino County Access Line: 1-800-555-5906

Linea de Crisis Llamada Gratis 24/7:


Linea de Acceso Plan de Salud Mental Condado de Mendocino: 1-800-555-5906

The MHSA provides the opportunity for the State to provide increased funding to transform and support county mental health programs that provide client and family member driven "recovery and resiliency" mental health services to children (and their families), transitional age youth, adults and older adults. The Act is funded through an annual 1% tax on income in excess of $1 million to fund county mental health programs consistent with local county approved plans that include broad-based community involvement including mental health service consumers and family members of consumers.

The MHSA includes six components:

Within these components funding is available for Capital Facilities, Community Planning, Community Services and Supports, Housing, Innovation, Prevention and Early Intervention, Technology and Workforce Education and Training.

General Information

Issue Resolution Form

MHSA Community Planning Meetings




Contact Us:

 MHSA Program Feedback 707-472-2311

General Questions & Workgroup Information:


MHSA Components & Funding





Annual Plan Update

Community Services & Supports (CSS) Plan

Workforce Education & Training Programs - 2014/2015 Workforce Education & Training Program Meeting Schedule




For the Workforce Education & Training (WET) Survey click here. If you would like a hard copy version of this survey please contact Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, MHSA Coordinator, Robin Meloche at 707-472-2332.

2015/2016 Mental Health Loan Assumption Program

    The Health Profession Education Foundation (HPEF) is extending the application deadline date for the Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAPF) and the Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program (LMHSPEP) to November 2, 2015. Please click here for the updated timeline.

Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) Programs

PEI Contact:
Robin Meloche  (707) 472-2332

Statewide Prevention and Early Intervention

Innovative Planning Programs - 2015/2016 Schedule - Community Innovative Planning Meetings for Mental Health Services Act




Capital Facilities and Information Technology

The Capital Facilities and Information Technology component is in the pre-planning stage.

Community Planning

The Community Planning component was completed in the 2004/05 year.

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