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Executive Committee: John Kuhry, Chair/Pamela Patterson, 1st Vice Chair

  • The Executive Committee consists of the WIB Chair, First Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Second Vice Chair, Members-at-Large.
  • The Executive Committee may, on the recommendation of the Chair or any other member of the WIB, remove standing committee Chairs and members.
  • The Executive Committee shall hold meetings at the request of the Chair of the WIB, who shall also serve as Chair of the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall review the Bylaws annually and may suggest amendments to the WIB. It may also review Bylaws amendments proposed by other members in order to make recommendations on such amendments to the WIB.
  • The Executive Committee shall routinely review member attendance at WIB and Committee meetings.
  • The Executive Committee shall recommend potential board members to the Board of Supervisors and shall see to it that orientation and training is provided for new board members, that retreats and other social events of the board take place, that board evaluations are developed and conducted and that improvements are made to the Five-Year Plan.
  • The Executive Committee may take full action on behalf of the full WIB when such action must be taken prior to the next full meeting of the WIB.

Youth Council: Tami Mee, Chair / Carol Barrett, Co-Chair

  • The Youth Council shall develop the portions of the local plan relating to eligible youth activities.
  • The Youth Council shall recommend eligible providers of youth activities to be awarded grants or contracts on a competitive basis by the WIB to carry out the youth activities.
  • The Youth Council shall conduct oversight with respect to eligible providers of youth activities.
  • The Youth Council shall coordinate authorized youth activities in Mendocino County.
  • The Youth Council shall perform other duties as determined to be appropriate by the WIB Chair.

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