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WIB Policies and Procedures

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WIB Policies in PDF
Policy 1DPriority of Service System for Adults
Policy 2BEligible Training Provider List
Policy 3AOn the Job Training
Policy 4DNondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity
Policy 5Grant Review
Policy 6ANoncriminal Grievance and Complaint Procedures
Policy 7AMonitoring Subrecipients
Policy 8Use of WIA funds
Policy 9BAudit Resolution
Policy 10Coordination of WIA Training Funds
Policy 11BIndividual Training Account (ITA)
Policy 12FWIA Adult/Dislocated Worker/Youth Program Eligibility
Policy 13LWIA Supportive Services
Policy 15AProcurement
Policy 16Debt Collection
Policy 17AConflict of Interest
Policy 18Travel
Policy 19Incident Reporting
Policy 20AProcedures for Property
Policy 21BNondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity Complaint
Policy 22ALimited English Proficiency
Policy 23Veterans’ Priority Provisions
Policy 24Conflict of Interest
Policy 25Recovery of Unused Funds
Policy 26ARapid Response
Policy 27ACore, Intensive, and Training Services
Policy 28Self-Sufficiency
Policy 29State-Required Surveys of Dislocated Workers
Policy 30CYouth Program Eligibility
Policy 31Selective Service Registration
Policy 32BLocal Workforce Development Area Definitions
Policy 33Ethics Training for WIB and Youth Council Members
Policy 35BIncumbent Worker Training
Policy 36ATraining Requirements
Policy 37

Policy 38

Policy 39
Requests for Letters of Support or Partnership
Attachment A - Request for Letter of Support
Attachment B - Request for Letter of Partnership

Trade Adjustment Assistance Co-Enrollment

WIOA Youth Program

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