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Portable Engines

All portable engines having a maximum rated horsepower of 50 bhp and greater and fueled with diesel are subject to this regulation.

A portable engine is one that moves to multiple locations and is never in one location for more than 12 months.

Portable equipment may be registered with the State of California Air Resources Board – however this equipment CANNOT be used at a fixed location for more than 12 months.

What's Portable: "means designed and capable of being carried or moved from one location to another. Indicia of portability include, but are not limited to, wheels, skids, carrying handles, dolly, trailer, or platform. For the purposes of this regulation, dredge engines on a boat or barge are considered portable.

The engine is not portable if:

(A) the engine or its replacement is attached to a foundation, or if not so attached, will reside at the same location for more than 12 consecutive months. The period during which the engine is maintained at a storage facility shall be excluded from the residency time determination. Any engine, such as a back-up or stand-by engine, that replace engine(s) at a location, and is intended to perform the same or similar function as the engine(s)being replaced, will be included in calculating the consecutive time period. In that case, the cumulative time of all engine(s), including the time between the removal of the original engine(s)and installation of the replacement engine(s), will be counted toward the consecutive time period; or

(B) the engine remains or will reside at a location for less than 12 consecutive months if the engine is located at a seasonal source and operates during the full annual operating period of the seasonal source, where a seasonal source is a stationary source that remains in a single location on a permanent basis (at least two years) and that operates at that single location at least three months each year; or

(C) the engine is moved from one location to another in an attempt to circumvent the portable residence time requirements.

Portable Engine Resources:

Portable Diesel Engines Information (PDF)

Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

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