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From time to time the District issues notices to the public on a variety of issues. Copies of those notices are stored on this page.

Tips For Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality- How to Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke.

Advisory on waste oil shop heaters - waste oil shop heaters are illegal in California

Smoke and your health (USFS) - Information about the health impacts of smoke from Wildfires. Provided by the US Forest Service.


AIR QUALITY ADVISORY for Mendocino County


Tuesday through Monday , November 20-26, 2018

November 20, 2018 11:00 a.m. Firefighters continue to make good progress on the Camp Fire in Butte County, with containment up to 70% from 66%, and emissions remaining in the low range. Overall smoke emissions will likely continue to be in this low range until Wednesday’s rain comes in. The smoke in Mendocino County will likely persist one more day today, improving late afternoon ahead of tomorrow’s rain. Smoke should completely clear out with substantial rain, but could persist at reduced levels if the rainfall is light.

Currently air monitors show particulate matter concentrations in the “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” to “Unhealthy” range in Ukiah and Willits. Other areas of inland Mendocino County are expected to have periods of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” to “Unhealthy” conditions depending on wind. The Mendocino Coast is currently experiencing “Good” to “Moderate” concentrations. Air quality is expected to improve after Wednesday. Please see the accompanying Public Health Advisory for recommendations of personal protection for sensitive groups, as well as everyone during “Unhealthy” or more severe, air quality conditions.

Mendocino County Air Quality Management District continuously monitors the air quality, reporting particulate matter and ozone concentrations hourly to our website:

While visiting our website, look at the sidebar to the right, or scroll down if using a mobile device to the section titled "Air Quality for Mendocino". The air quality index ranges from ‘Good’ (green) to ‘Hazardous’, (dark purple). See example from website below:

AQI range example

For more air quality information visit: AirNOW GOV the District’s preferred online source of certified, accurate regulatory air quality data. Other networks that provide air quality data are still under evaluation and may provide unverified data. An explanation of AQI numbers, and related information can be found on the District web site.

To sign up for air quality notifications visit:
Air Quality Notifications


When the Mendocino Air Quality Management District advises that the air quality is“unhealthy” or "hazardous:"

1. A primary concern is that ‘high-risk groups” --people over 65, under 12, pregnant women, and those people with pre-existing lung disease (such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD) or heart problems-- are at particular risk from breathing this air and should take extra precautions. Leave the smoky area, if possible, or at least stay indoors and limit physical activity.
• People with pre-existing illnesses should carefully adhere to their medical treatment plans and maintain at least a five-day supply of prescribed medications.

2. Clearly, everyone is a risk when the air quality is in the “unhealthy” or “hazardous” range. If it is not possible to leave the area where smoke is present, recommendations are to limit outdoor activity and unnecessary physical exertion.

3. Smoke from wildfires contains chemicals, gases, and fine particles that can harm health. The greatest hazard comes from breathing fine particles, which can reduce lung function, worsen asthma and other existing heart and lung conditions, and cause coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing.

4. Wearing a protective mask may offer some protection. N-95 masks can reduce contact with some of the harmful particulate matter, but they also increase the work of breathing and they don’t keep the smoke out, so they are not terribly effective as a general protective measure. It is much better to avoid the smoky air, if possible.
• There are not effective masks for children.
• If you would like N95 masks, they can be obtained for free at the libraries, and at Public Health.
• Dust masks (different from N95) are not protective and really should not be used.

5. If you have air conditioning, turn it to interior recirculation or turn off and use fans. This prevents the intake of the outside, smoky air. Avoid vacuuming (which stirs up the dust) or increasing smoke in the house (for example burning candles or incense, or smoking cigarettes).

6. If you, or someone with you, begins to experience significant symptoms, such as dizziness, shortness of breath, or chest discomfort, get them out of the smoke and have them rest. If symptoms continue, seek medical attention.

7. Getting enough rest and drinking plenty of fluids may be helpful.


Air Quality News Advisory (PDF version)


The Redwood Complex Fire

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