Mendocino County

Air Quality Management District

Particulate Matter Attainment

Particulate Matter Attainment Plan

The Mendocino County Air Quality Management District has adopted a Particulate Matter (PM) Attainment Plan. The plan includes a description of local air quality, the sources of local PM emissions, and recommended control measures to reduce future PM levels.

Particulate Matter Attainment Plan

Health Effects

PM10 and Infant Mortality (ARB)

Recent woodsmoke research (from State of Washington)

Mechanisms of PM Toxicity (ARB)

Air Resources Board Press Release on 10-year Children's Health Study

Statewide Information

Economic Impacts of PM pollution (Air Resources Board - ARB)

PM exposure assessment in vehicles (ARB)

Burn Day Status

For todays burn day status please call 707-463-4391. .

Credit Card Payments

Service FEES are assessed to all Credit Card transactions by govPayNet:

Air Quality for Mendocino

Current Air Quality Index for county:
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News / Advisories

Mendocino County is in Burn Ban - All burn permits issued for burning are SUSPENDED.

Trader Joe's penalized $500,000 over refrigerant leaks - Owner and operators of systems using ozone depleting substances are required to perform leak repair and recordkeeping required under Title VI of the Clean Air Act for refrigeration equipment. Click Here for More Information

Air District Relaxes Portable Diesel Engine Enforcement - ARB has determined the standards for DPM may not be feasible. Click Here for More Information

The District Mission

  The mission of the Mendocino County Air Quality Management District is to protect and manage air quality, an essential public resource upon which the health of the community depends. 

  Mendocino County Air Quality Management District is one of 35 local Air Districts in California.

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